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Our dentists, Jocelyn Iverson, DDS, and Dennis K. Buhler, DDS, are committed to serving patients with great dental care day in and day out. We have a longstanding history of transformative and gentle service, and offer our care to new and returning patients. We know what it takes for you to achieve a beautiful and comfortable smile, free of pain or problems, and do so for a lifetime. 202 Family Dentistry serves patients of all ages, and our team is dedicated to your oral health.

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Cosmetic-Focused Services for Beautiful Smiles

Family dentistry in Tulare - 202 Family Dentistry

One of the key elements for a beautiful smile is a healthy foundation. Teeth and gums need to be taken care of, otherwise aesthetic cannot be sustained. Dr. Iverson and Dr. Buhler begin treatment by first establishing proper oral health and then tailor additional services to improve the beauty of the smile. We do this because the smile plays an important role in building up self-confidence. We help people become comfortable with their teeth and their smile, allowing them to laugh and speak comfortably. 

Our treatments utilize materials that protect the oral and overall health and support our patients’ goals. We work with patients to address their concerns and proactively look for additional ways to improve their dental health and aesthetics. As a general dental practice, we stick to our expertise and expand our capabilities by partnering with trusted local specialists whose work matches our high standards.  It is our mission to provide the best care possible in order for patients to have smiles that last, function comfortably, and that strengthen self-confidence. 

Providing For Your Family’s Dental Needs in Tulare

We offer our expertise and treatments to all ages. Children, teens, and adults benefit from our gentle care and age-specific procedures. Beginning with children, we help them understand and learn how to take care of their teeth, and monitor their development. Our teen patients receive gentle care that supports their dental health as their smile grows into an adult one. We can recommend the best orthodontist for their alignment needs. 
At 202 Family Dentistry, we provide comprehensive restorative care to adults and seniors, keeping their oral health strong and their teeth as beautiful as possible. Our dentists have extensive experience with restoring dental aesthetics, allowing many to achieve a more appealing smile even at an older age. 

Maximizing Comfort for Every Patient 

At our Tulare dental office, patients enjoy a relaxing and easygoing atmosphere. Many people fear visiting the dentist, whether it’s for a dental cleaning or another procedure. Drs. Buhler and Iverson are calm and gentle and are dedicated to minimizing discomfort by explaining the treatment process in detail. We offer nitrous oxide to those who experience anxiety and may want a little help for their first visits. 

Our staff gives everyone personal attention and efficient care, for we respect our patients time. We work hard to keep a schedule that lets us give everyone the attention they need without eating too much into their daily schedule. 

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