Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Tulare

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tulare

At 202 Family Dentistry, we understand how the smile is a key factor in self-confidence, and provide cosmetic treatments to support or restore it. Our family dentists, Jocelyn Iverson, DDS, and Dennis K. Buhler, DDS, provide excellent cosmetic procedures in Tulare. We offer an extensive list of treatments to minimize imperfections and make your smile look beautiful. Whether you have extensive needs or simple ones, you can trust we will match the best treatment to you.

For cosmetic dental care, call or visit our office in Tulare. We will listen to you, establish goals, and provide procedures to achieve them. 

Health-Conscious Cosmetic Treatments

Drs. Iverson and Buhler are committed to the highest clinical standards of care with cosmetic treatments. It is our goal to protect oral health while also improving the smile’s appearance, ensuring all your needs are met. Whether you have specific aesthetic goals in mind, or you are just looking for a boost to the look of your teeth, we have many options for treatment. 

Even if patients pursue more extensive procedures, such as dental implant treatment, our dentists maintain normal dental function so you can always have a comfortable and functional smile. We go the extra mile by providing instruction to patients on the best way to maintain the beauty of their new smile. Some of the cosmetic issues we help patients with are intrinsic stains, gaps, chips, cracks, and missing teeth. 

Your Cosmetic Dental Options

We utilize modern materials for our cosmetic treatments. These guarantee natural aesthetics and strong design, providing long-lasting bite function. We are partnered with a trusted dental lab to fashion cosmetic restorations made to fulfill each patient’s individual dental needs. When patients need dental care from specialists, we send them only to those who uphold the same high standards of care. The following cosmetic treatments help us keep your smile beautiful: 

• Composite Fillings
• Veneers
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Partials
• Dentures
• Crown Lengthening
• Gum Contouring 

Full Smile Reconstruction

Our Tulare dentists make use of their extensive cosmetic dental experience to rebuild the aesthetics of the entire smile. From shaping the gums to replacing teeth, patients can receive comprehensive treatment to have a functional and beautiful smile again. In these cases, we may use multiple treatments to restore various aspects of your dental appearance. You can trust us to fully restore your dental appearance which then supports renewed self-confidence. 

Contact Dr. Iverson and Dr. Buhler for Cosmetic Care Today!

If you wish to obtain a smile you can be proud of, call our Tulare dental office. We see patients from our town and nearby cities Exeter, Hanford, and Visalia. All are welcome to schedule an appointment to discover their cosmetic options. 



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