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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Tulare

 Sleep Apnea Treatment in Tulare


Do you snore or experience restless sleep? Sleep apnea may be to blame, but available solutions can help you regain a full night’s rest and enable you to enjoy daily life with a more positive outlook.

202 Family Dentistry treats obstructive sleep apnea with custom-made devices, helping anyone who has trouble sleeping in Tulare, Exeter, and nearby Visalia. Dr. Jocelyn Iverson and Dr. Dennis K. Buhler have treated obstructive sleep apnea for many years, and know how to address the core issues of this sleep disorder. In the case a patient has more extensive needs, our sleep apnea dentists will coordinate with the appropriate sleep experts to ensure complete care. 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Signs and Symptoms 

Sleep apnea is related to a few different factors which are different for everyone. Congenital influences and current health standing largely determine the severity of sleep issues. Common symptoms of sleep apnea include: 

Loud Snoring 
Pauses in Breathing 
Gasping at Night
Teeth Clenching/Grinding
Daily Exhaustion 

Although sleep apnea is often associated with being overweight, anyone can experience this disorder. Children are often overlooked as victims of this problem, but it can be discovered easily. Additionally, those who bruxate, or grind their teeth at night, may have issues with breathing while sleeping. Proper treatment will not only alleviate these problems and produce restful sleep, but also reduce the long-term health effects of the sleeping disorder. If you or your partner notice these symptoms, call 202 Family Dentistry, or visit your medical doctor as soon as possible. 

Treating Sleep Apnea in Tulare with DreamTAP™

When patients experience obstructive sleep apnea, their throat and airway passages are blocked by extraneous tissue, or due to smaller-than-normal airways. The solution is as simple as adjusting the jaw to keep these passages open. Dr. Iverson and Dr. Buhler use the custom DreamTAP™ oral appliance to keep airways free from blockages. They have used TAP brand devices for many years and trust their results. 

Similar to a mouthguard, the DreamTAP™ appliance is customizable and adjustable to maximize comfort. During the initial visit, our dentists will take impressions taken of a patient’s smile and then send them to a dental lab for expert craftsmanship. This device is carefully positioned in your smile to work properly without impacting TMJ. The treatment plan includes a teeth aligner for morning use, preserving the straightness of your teeth. The appliance can be adjusted in the case patients have dental work done, or something changes in their dental structure. 

Sick of CPAP? Try Something New

Those who use a CPAP machine to manage their sleep apnea symptoms may be candidates for a sleep appliance. Many patients cannot tolerate the noise and fit of these machines, and in certain cases, our treatment will work just as well. This is only true for those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, while central sleep apnea and related disorders will need attention from a medical doctor. 

Contact Dr. Iverson and Dr. Buhler if You’re Having Sleep Issues

Our Tulare family dental practice is here to restore your health and sleep. Visit us for an examination and a recommendation for your next steps. We see sleep apnea patients from Tulare, Exeter, Visalia, and all surrounding areas. Call us today!


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